Innovative Low-cost Building Materials · Valorising Mining Wastes

The overall objective of the MINE4BUILD project is to design, develop and validate on a small scale, an innovative and smart building material offering simultaneously fireproofing and blast resistance.

The construction sector is one of the most resource-intensive industries in Europe since it utilizes around 50% of the available raw materials while enormous amounts of mining waste (173 billion tons globally) are produced annually.
In addition, during the last decades, the focus was on lowering the ecological impact while, at the same time, the concept of safety of such infrastructures is growing in importance with a particular interest in the issue of fire and blast.

This increasing awareness is attributed to large fires that have taken place in recent years which have been responsible for dramatic incidents; people are injured or killed, property exists major structural damages and the industry suffers unexpected costs with a significant impact on the economy.
Further to obvious structural damages due to fires, when structural concrete elements are exposed to blast explosive spalling of concrete also takes place.

MINE4BUILD aspires to tackle these challenges and contribute to sustainable development by designing a Smart Composite Geopolymeric environmental-friendly Concrete (SCGC) that will offer the appropriate resistance against fire and blast while also achieving low cost as it will be produced from secondary resources coming from the mining industry.