Mid-Term Follow-up was held online on 13 December 2022!

Mid-Term Follow-up meeting was held online on 13 December 2022!

Mine4BUILD project was halfway through its development on December. Project partners had the opportunity to share the technical work that was carried out, the progress that has been achieved thus far, and a plan for all ongoing actions and upcoming steps. Also, they discussed any other issues that may have regarding the development of the project.

MNLT role: MINE4BUILD will allow MNLT to expand its product and application range by developing eco-friendly geopolymer-based materials with dual behavior on fire and blast resistance that will be implemented through the valorization of mine by-products coming from the mining industry.

GEVORA role: The company based on its experience in the construction sector will have the opportunity to expand its reference market by being the first adopter of the developed smart, low-cost and environmentally friendly building materials.

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